Do you think your monthly salary can give you the kind of wealth you desire?

Before you read further, I just want to let you know that “no one makes it to Forbes list relying solely on salary.”


In April 31st, 2020, 1 Bitcoin closed at $8,620. In March, 2021, 1 Bitcoin was once $61,844 and presently $57,576. Imagine if you had 0.05 Bitcoin when the price was $8,620 per 1. By now, you would be $2,878.8 richer. 


Meaning, you spent $431 in April, 2020 and turn it to $2,878.8 in 2021. What if you could afford 1 Bitcoin? You are already doing the calculation, good.


Thousands of other coins performed just like Bitcoin and some performed even better. But, what you don’t know, you don’t know.

We are on quest to helping as many people as possible by teaching them courses that matter and in which one of the courses is Cryptocurrency Trading.


What will this course teach me?

• Introduction to Cryptocurrency Market

• Best coins to go for (whether trader or investor)

• Best way to invest in cryptocurrency

• How to trade Cryptocurrency profitably on Spot Market

• How to make use of Binance Peer-2-peer

• How to do Fundamental Analysis

• How to do Technical Analysis (read chart perfectly)


What do I need for this course?

You have everything within your reach. You need a working smartphone and/or a laptop, internet connection and willingness to learn and practice.


How do I enroll for this course?

To be able to enroll for the course, How To Trade Cryptocurrency Like A Pro, you must be a member of this website by becoming PREMIUM member of this website.


How much does the course costs?

The course costs nothing less than $100 (N50,000) and it is being updated every week.

Good news is, you won’t be paying $100. You will only need to become a Member and you can access the course.

PREMIUM: N20,000 one-time payment for lifetime access.



You are going to get:

√ N2,000 worth of Trons upon completion of course

√ 24/7 Support

√ Personalized trading signals.


How to make payment

To make payment, use the bank details below;

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2158408130


AMOUNT: N20,000

Description: Use your name or phone number

After payment, connect with me on Whatsapp (09030945443) with proof of payment and you shall be manually added to this site.

Hey, wait!Would you love to learn BASICS of cryptocurrency trading for free?

Before you go, let us show you how you can start trading cryptocurrency in 7days even as a complete novice.

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